Plastic Resin

Greif is continuously working to serve our customers in a better way. Our global target is to be the best performing customer service company in the world in industrial packaging.

Due to the plastic resin situation that is still a bit volatile, we have decided to introduce a new material to better be able to secure continuous supply. This simply means that we will have to approve this new material on UN-norms and Food-norms. This is on many products already finalized, and the remaining will be approved shortly.

Products concerned are:

  • Jerry cans 10L, 15L, 20L, 25L and 27,5L
  • Open head plastic drums 120L and Weltstar design 185L and 220L

If you as a our valued customer have a need for updated UN-certificates or Food-approvals (Normpack), please contact your sales representative since we will not send this material automatized to all our customers.

If you may have any questions please contact your Greif sales representative or Sales and marketing manager Magnus Andersson.